Super Team Ultra Force

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Zander Young wants to be a hero, but his head is stuck in the clouds. When the high school bully chases him into the school’s boiler room he meets the mysterious Mr. Peacock, the school’s recluse custodian. Peacock is the guardian of a portal to other worlds – inside the furnace!

But when Zander discovers a ring that gives him special powers, Peacock recognizes him as the foretold defender of the meta-verse, a realm of parallel worlds that boggles the imagination. Flanked by Peacock’s inventions – Iggy (a smart-mouthed iguana) and A.L.I. (a scrap metal robot with a soul), Zander sets out to protect the other worlds from the spreading tyranny of the Dark Ones.

The series will be published in small arcs, the initial launch runs for two issues features Zander and the Super Team Ultra Force on their first adventure together against the Dragon King. Both issues have been collected and published in a mini-trade format. Below are preview pages and also feel free to download some of our “Coloring Book” pages from the listed link.

Free issues are available for digital download through the DIGITAL STORE link.

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