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“Victor Carungi has exploded onto the comic scene with Pencilneck and made waves his peers can only dream of.  Over the next eighteen months he is the man to watch as he rewrites the rules and brings a genuinely new voice to the scene.  Highly Recommended.”

– Mark Millar – creator of Kickass, Wanted, Nemesis, and Secret Service


“In the sea of small press and independent comics it’s tough to sift through the sand to find the diamonds.  Victor Carungi, and the creators of Pencilneck have created that diamond… Grade A”



“4.5 out of 5 – The horror in this book is beyond great…  The pacing was great, the mixing of genres was fantastic, but it all got sealed with the ending being so bad ass.  The only thing I have left to say on this is IT IS A MUST READ.”

– Dan Royer (on Careful…) –


“Carungi looks like a talent to watch, having shepherded a vision onto the page over the course of a number of years.”

– Matthew Brady (on Pencilneck) – Warren-Peace Blogspot


“To summarize in one word: Wow.  4 out of 5 stars”

– Amazon customer review  (on The Elite)


“Trying to figure out the character arc of hostage-turned-avenger Kincaid will keep you guessing.”

– Mark London Williams (on Pencilneck) – Nexus Graphica (


“A fast-paced, well-written first issue that had me hooked by the time I was on page 3.”

– Dan Royer (on Benevolence) –


“With a sharp script that finds the right balance between slasher-pic thrills and character-driven crisis, this miniseries is definitely worth a look.”

– Carl Doherty (on Lost in the Woods) –


“…trust me when I say that you want to get the trade of Careful…, turn off all but a reading light, and enjoy a good creep out.”



Interview with Victor with The Chicago Arts Archive



“They (Paper Street Comics) put the focus on character development.”

– Andrew Shuping (Super Team Ultra Force) –


“Bigger than life story-telling.”

– (on The Elite)


“Keep your eye of Victor… He was incredibly engaging and clearly passionate about his projects.  I’m rooting for him.”

– C2E2 Highlights Article –


“Great artwork on top of a killer idea makes (Pencilneck) a complete package worth every penny.”

– Dan Royer –


“Pencilneck is gripping and original with enough action and twists to keep you glued.  A real page-turner!”

– Kristen Simon – Editor for Shadowline, at Image Comics


Stay tuned – and be careful what you say out loud”

– Mark London Williams (on Careful…) – Nexus Graphica ( )


“In Pencilneck, when somebody gives you the finger, it’s literal.  That’s just the start to this ultimate cubical-jockey revenge story.”

– Barbara Randall Kessel – Crossgen Head Writer


“I bought Careful… on Friday and found it an eminently professional, visually appealing horror comic…  I was impressed enough that I made a point of seeking him out Saturday to try his other collected work, Pencilneck…”

– Wizard World Convention Highlights Article


“A delicious tale stuffed with redemption and revenge, served alongside a heaping portion of noir with a hint of Tarantino… a true treat.”

– Sal Loria (on Pencilneck) –


“4 out of 5 stars”

– J.W. DeBolt (on Lost in the Woods) –


“This story (Pencilneck) has more twists than a pretzel.”

– (board review)


“I’d recommend the series to fans of reality competitions”

– Andrew Shuping (on The Elite) –


Interview with Victor

– Nexus Graphica


Podcast Interview with Dan Royer


Marvel Announcement (for Christmas story) at