This particular part of the website will be one of the last sections we complete.  Unfortunately, our print-on-demand comic company that was used for all of Paper Street Comics’ catalog has gone out of business.  Printed materials can be requested through our contact us information, but supply cannot be guaranteed.  Conventions will be the best way to procure printed materials.  Please check our convention blog for updated appearances.

Digital books are available through Amazon and I-tunes.  However, we’ve had issues with both companies and how they present our “free” issues.  The goal is to get our work out to as wide of an audience as possible, so we appreciate your patience as we work with these outlets to alter our catalog.  Links below

Merchandise is available through several links at Cafe Press.  Search below, and click on, the image of the product you would like to view and it will take you directly to the store.

Games will be available through Kickstarter (when eventually launched) with ongoing distribution direct through Paper Street Comics.

ipad CLICK HERE – for a link to the i-Tunes store 

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Merchandise Store Links:  click on the image to link direct to Cafe Press


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