Hello Everyone,

Recently, our entire website crashed… Then we switched servers and web-hosting services… Then our custom-template for Word Press stopped working…

So we’ve rebooted, retooled, and have begun the process of recreating our website structure with the system you see in front of you.  The new layout has several cool features that we are getting used to using, but it will take time before everything is fully updated and working 100%.  We appreciate your patience and encourage you to e-mail us if you find any errors in the formatting of the website and/or faulty links.

Hopefully, you take some time to jump through the different areas of creative activity that we’ve been working on over the past 13+ years.  The product produced ranges from graphic novels in genres spanning sci-fi to crime noir and horror to super heroes, to children’s books, screenplays, novels, film, video shorts, and an eventual foray into table-top gaming.

We hope you enjoy the art we’ve enjoyed making.

Thank you,
Victor Carungi

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