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We have recently finished our work on Paper Street Comics’ latest creative venture.  The project is a tabletop game titled, Jail Break.  Yair Herrara and Chris Allen, the art team behind Careful… and Alpha, will be handling the artistic duties for the game designed by Victor Carungi.

Jail Break is a strategic card-based game that pits you against your friends in a race to escape the world’s most dangerous prison.  The game is unique in the fact that the prison layout and your individual mugshot profile will change with every game, so no two sessions will be the same!


Our efforts with Kickstarter just fell short of our goal, but we were lucky to find a company that could produce small press runs for our game.  We ran a crowd sale through The Game Crafter and it was a great success.  Now the first wave of production has been completed and anyone can buy the game through:

JAIL BREAK – Purchase Here!

Gameplay Video/Walkthrough:

Listed below are reviews and feedback from people that have been kind enough to share:

  • “Jail Break includes the best features found in board games: a changing game board, player strategy, pure luck, and rolling the dice. The game is easy to learn, difficult to master, and different every time you play. I’ve played Jail Break with 2,4, and 6 players and at each number the gameplay stays enjoyable and challenging. While I have no experience in an actual jail, in my opinion the game does a great job of incorporating the various areas and types of people one might encounter in a prison.”
  • “Jail Break is really easy to pick up, easy to play, and you can change the ease of winning, which makes for a really diverse game, and where you have diversity, you have have replay value. A really fun game, I definitely recommend you check Jail Break out.”
  • “The game is easy to learn and with the number of different prison layouts and the element of randomness, equals high replay ability. Every group I have introduced this too, have asked, “Where can I get it?””

The Bloodied Hex ran test sessions with the following feedback:

  • “Awesome game that only get’s better every time you play”
  • “Artwork is clearly at a professional level”
  • “Game is easily made harder or easier to target specific players”
  • “Game has a way of making you feel immersed in the theme”

Game Trafficker.net ran several play-test sessions and some of their notes are below:

  • “I found this game to be well-balanced and the theme compelling.  I had no problem attracting non-tabletop gamers to the table.  It was easy to explain and a really fantastic gateway game that still has enough meat for experienced gamers.”
  • “The game is fun.  I had tons of laughs and “woah” moments.”
  • (Can the game be broken easily?) – “No.  We experienced no character card or strategy that was so much better than the others that broke the game.”
  • (Is there player off-time participation?) – “As the off-player, you have a connection with the game because you never know what a player or card might do to you”
  • (Is there a good end game or is it arbitrary?) – “Great end game!  Many times players were one turn away from escaping when the winner finally did!”  “Yes there is a good end game.  You never become confused about your goal to win.”
  • (Is the theme needed for the game to function properly?) – “The gameplay and mechanics could work with another theme, but they are perfectly married in this game.  Big thumbs up.”
  • (Would you play this game again?) – “Absolutely.”  “I have played the game with 2 players and 4 players and both times we immediately played again.”



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