Every writer hopes to one day make the journey into creating a full-fledged novel. I have notes and outlines for several series that will one day sit on my shelf. The goal was to start writing novels after the completion of our third original graphic novel.

However, due to the overwhelming response from our comic THE LEGEND OF RED, I have decided to start converting that property into a full-fledged novel early. The series has a rabid fan-base, but the cost of creating the comic is too high for me to continue on that path. Until we secure the excess funds needed for completion, I will be working on moving forward with the series under its new title; BENEVOLENCE. This is the only way I can eliminate production costs (as it will only be my time spent on the project) and it will also allow me to craft a story with the outline already in place.

UPDATE:  Benevolence is picking up momentum.  I have completed close to 90 pages of the novel with more to come.  Stay tuned!


I wanted to make a title that my mother could read and show to her friends. That was the reason for starting a “4-Kids” line at Paper Street Comics. Most of the stories that were told through Paper Street were fairly R-rated in nature and I wanted to create something with a “Saturday Morning Cartoon” type of vibe.

The first major title was SUPER TEAM ULTRA FORCE and it is a book that discusses teen issues (bullying, homework, disorders, etc…) while keeping the mood light and fun. The comparison I like to make at conventions is that the book is a nice mix of “Calvin and Hobbes” with “The Never-ending Story” where it encourages children to use their imagination.

The series, MY LITTLE MONSTERS, came about after my wife gave birth to our first child. I wanted to have a book that I could read to my own daughter and THE MONSTER’S LULLABY was created. I have been very fortunate to have met some really great people during these past ten years and one of them, Tony Santiago, has been lined up for a project for quite some time. He loved the concept and together we made a very sweet book. My goal is publish at least one book per child and I am a proud father of two (since this past October 2012) so be on the lookout for a new addition to the “Monsters” series sometime in 2013.

We are current seeking representation for the “4-Kids” line of Paper Street Comics. If you are an agency with interest please send us an e-mail through the “contact us” section of this website.