Alpha G cover vc

300 years after civilization was destroyed and mankind nearly wiped out, what’s left of the global population is held prisoner by a new race of robot called Torem.

Hiding in a settlement off the grid are teenage Kassia, a talented inventor who yearns to explore; and her adoptive father Hax, a weathered resistance fighter, trying to drown his demons. Everything changes when Kassia finds Alpha, a robot soldier preserved from the Torem War – a hero willing to fight for humanity, even if he is severely outdated.

As Hax and Kassia struggle to mend their relationship, with Alpha’s help they join the resistance fighting to free the human race and uncover the dark secret kept by the ruthless Torem leader, Delta.

The preview issue has been launched and is available in our DIGITAL STORE.  Below are several images from the preview book and issue itself.

Careful_002_001Careful_002_001Careful_002_001Careful_002_001Alpha PREVIEW BOOK MOCKUP-3