Solar Flare



Paper Street Comics is proud to present its latest product!

Solar Flare is an all-ages (5+) card game that is fun, fast, easy-to-learn, and has a ton of strategic depth.  A standard session lasts from 10 to 30 minutes and is designed for a 2-4 player game.  Each deck includes 54 cards and a 16-page instruction booklet.

Kickstarter is Live!

The current Kickstarter for this game will fulfill in this calendar year!!!  The retail cost of the game is $20, so jump on this launch deal – where you can get the game at a reduced cost ($17!) and FREE SHIPPING !!!!!

Note that the Kickstarter is for the continental US only (at this time).  The fulfillment center will have international distribution, but that won’t go live until after the launch.  For our international supporters, please sign up for the $1 pledge and you’ll be on the mailing list that gets you updates and access to our international launch for later in the year!

Please show you support as we strive to get this product to market.


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Note – This review was conducted when the game was called “Junkyard”