What if you could wish revenge on everyone who makes your life hell, and someone (or something) would do the dirty work for you?

When bullied Deacon learns the dark past of his small town Texas high school he discovers a vengeful ritual used to wreak havoc on his enemies – like the school’s all-star quarterback.

But when Deacon wakes up covered in someone else’s blood, he realizes that the ritual was no childish game. And with every passing day the lines blur between the payback he envisioned and the revenge he’s committing.

It is the story about getting what you want – but in the worst way possible.

The self-contained, four-issue, graphic novel was completed in 2012 and is now available in both printed and digital formats. Previews pages are below and the first issue is posted through most digital online distributors for free. This is one of the best comics we’ve published through Paper Street Comics and the graphic novel comes with our highest recommendation.

The property itself is being converted into a screenplay by creators Victor Carungi and Gentry Smith. This will be the second screenwriting collaboration between the two.

Free issues are available for digital download through the DIGITAL STORE link.

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